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Dasco offers on-demand labeling and identification solutions for hospitals to help improve accuracy and protect your patients’ safety.


Why Barcode Labels are Better than Handwritten Labels for Patient Safety

Accurate specimen identification and chain of custody tracking are essential for hospital laboratories to ensure patient safety. Learn how switching from handwritten labels to an on-demand barcode label printing system is a key factor in improving accuracy. more»


Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer: Which is Best for Lab Labeling and Why?

A hospital lab technician recently asked, “I want to upgrade from handwritten labels. Which is better for lab labeling: a direct thermal or thermal transfer printer?” Find out»


What Makes a Lab Label Last?

Reliable specimen identification is essential for data integrity in the hospital lab. Labels that smear or fade are hard to read and scan which lead to errors, and labels that fall off specimens need to be relabeled. Or worse, you’ll need to redraw specimens and start the protocol process over again—that costs time and money, while anxious patients wait longer for lab results. Legible and long-lasting specimen identification is essential to ensure data integrity for your hospital lab.

This article explores the essential elements needed for producing reliable labels that remain legible and scanable throughout common hospital lab specimen protocols. more»


Microscope Slide Labels that Endure Stains and Washes

Hospital lab specimen protocol is hard on microscope slide labels. Xylene and ethanol washes can fade away impressions making legends unreadable and barcodes unscanable. Stains and washes can eat away adhesives and labels can fall off specimen slides during chain of custody transfers. Then you’ve got to relabel. Or worse, redraw samples and start over—that costs time and money, while anxious patients wait longer for their results. Discover a better way to identify your microscope slides. more»

Why my 2d barcode will not scan

Why won’t my 2d Barcode Scan?

Dasco was given a unique challenge to come up with a solution for a hospital lab to find a way to generate a 32-character QR code of variable data to fit on a 3/8″ vial top. Exploring the options, we uncovered many reasons why 2d barcodes won’t scan. more»


Introducing Brady FreezerBondz Labels

Here’s a uniquely designed lab-tested label that sticks to frosted and frozen surfaces and remains affixed even when exposed to temperatures as low as -196C. more»



Introducing a Portable and Affordable Lab Label Maker

When it comes to specimen identification, why chance errors due to misread handwriting, smearing ink, and labels that fall off through chain of custody transfers? For your lab[el] accuracy, Dasco introduces an affordable solution. more»


Lab[el] Accuracy Peace of Mind

Dasco integrates label printers, barcode scanners, label design software, laboratory labels, and printer ribbons for your hospital lab so that you can print barcode labels for your lab specimens as they are drawn. This eliminates errors caused by misread handwriting, smearing ink, and miskeyed data. Plus a barcode system allows data collection and seamless tracking as it moves through chain of custody transfers. You’ll maintain data integrity while ensuring that the right specimen is collected from the right patient for the right diagnosis and treatment.

Dasco supplies Brady lab-tested scanable and trackable barcode labels that won’t smear, fade, or fall off your specimens through changing lab conditions, extreme temperatures, and harsh chemicals. Labels are tested to endure long-term storage.

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