Wire ID

Dasco offers on-demand labeling and identification solutions for wire and cable marking.


Dasco Makes Wire and Cable ID Easy!

Costing too much for custom wire and cable labels? Waiting too long for custom labels or clip-on sleeves you need today? Frustrated with heat-shrink tubing jamming your printer, plus the downtime and the wasted sleeve and ribbon material? Or are you still sorting through all of the wire and cable ID options: pre-printed clip-on wire markers, custom labels, printable heat shrink sleeves and self-lams for on-demand printing?  more»

Brady Wraptor Wire ID in seconds vs hours

Brady Wraptor Wire ID Labels Jobs in Hours vs. Days

Tired of hand labeling hundreds [or thousands] of self lams to your wires and cables?

There is an easier and faster way. If you’ve never heard of the Brady Wraptor Wire ID Printer/Applicator, you’ve got to check this out! Not only is it easy to set up and print your wire ID, but it also wraps the printed self lam around your wire in seconds. This will literally save you days in hand labeling a job of a thousand parts! In fact, if your wire shop is hand labeling thousands of self lams each week, the Brady Wraptor can increase productivity by up to 10 times and pay for itself in as little as 1-1/2 months! more»

Continuous sleeves vs ladder style markers

Wire marking heat shrink sleeve systems offer comparable quality with some big differences. There are two main formats: continuous heat shrink tubing and ladder-style sleeves. Both print through your thermal transfer printer and offer comparable performance (i.e., MIL Spec, UL/cUL and 2:1 and 3:1 shrink ratio) for permanent wire identification. If you are using ladder style wire markers, discover the advantages of switching to continuous heat shrink tubing. more»

Printing your wire and cable ID

Printing your Wire and Cable ID
Ever wonder which printer would work best for your on-demand printing of wire and cable sleeves and labels?

Dasco demonstrates three Cab printers using Nicelabel design software and a perforation/cutter attachment. Watch this video to see the entry-level Cab EOS one-sided sleeve and label printer, the Cab industrial A4+M one-sided sleeve and label printer, and the Cab industrial XD4+M two-sided sleeve printer which prints both sides of heat shrink tubing in one pass. All three Cab printers are easy to load your ribbon and material and print your sleeves and labels FAST! more»

video: Cab XD4 2-sided sleeve printer

Video: The Cab XD4M Two-Sided Sleeve Printer
The Cab XD4M sleeve printer offers convenient stand-alone operation. No PC is needed to print both sides of your heat-shrink tubing in one pass! The Cab XD4M prints flattened synthetic tubing, paper, cardboard, textiles, and plastics on continuous rolls or fan-folds without jamming. more»


Save Time and Money by Printing Your Wire and Cable Identification On Demand!

With a high-volume industrial Cab printer you don’t even need a computer to print your wire labels and cable markers. The Cab offers one-sided and two-sided sleeve printers that can be equipped with perforation/cutters so that your sleeves are ready to apply to wires and cables the second they print. more»